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  1. Id like to start off by commending your strength, being able to share such a personal experience. Secondly, i find it crazy how we are both the same age, and not only diagnosed with the same disease but at the exact same time! The only difference with me is that I’m all the way up in canada. Im constantly searching up people with our disease that have finished treatment because ive been wanting to get a sense of what else is coming. I too have avn in both knees in hips. When diagnosed with ALL i thought okay 2 years of bullshit then back to my life, but noooo there are permanent changes besides avn that i and probably you too will walk away with. In terms of avn, To be honest i know its the steroids but i blamed myself as well thinking that if i had known this was a side effect i could have figured out a way to prevent it. Your blog has already helped me because with our disease, there aren’t many people our age who we can compare ourselves to. I go to an adult hospital where i am literally the only 20 year old there. Majority of the other patients are elderly or middle aged. I haven’t been open about my experience at all, i commend you for being able to share because it does help. If theres any way to contact you and if you dont mind, i just have a couple of questions, my email is marell_t@hotmail.com.
    Thanks for sharing your story :)

    • Hello! I’d love to hear more about your story and experience as well as address your questions. You can private message me on The Kathy Diaries Facebook page here: Facebook.com/thekathydiaries or email me at Katherine@thekathydiaries.com

      I look forward to hearing from you soon!!!


  2. Im glad that I saw ur YouTube videos. I also have avn I have recently had a total hip replacement and in a week I will be having my left shoulder replaced. Not excited just trying to stay happy through this depressing time. I wish you all the best on journey through this situation.

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