I literally almost just went to bed without posting anything because I TOTALLY forgot. I’m actually in my bed right now writing this on my phone. Hmm… I don’t really know what to write about. Today was fairly average, ran some errands, took another trip to the dog park and did some work that I have been putting off. I’m excited to go to clinic tomorrow for labs. I love seeing everyone, especially since now I don’t get to see them as often as I used to. I think this visit is the last time they’ll be able to access my port before I get it taken out next week. It’s so crazy, it’s like exactly a year from when I got it put in.

I remember waiting for so long to get it put in. I kept getting bumped off the surgery schedule because I was in-patient. And then when they finally put it in, the anesthesiologist I had was really mean. It was one of the worst parts of my entire treatment, but I think that was only due to my specific circumstances. I was pretty freaked out to get a port because I had no idea what they were. Up until a week before I had one inside me I had never even heard of one. An IV nurse that I had at my first hospital showed me here and let me touch it, she had one that stuck out so you could see the outline under her skin. I started to understand the value of the port after being in the hospital for a week plus without one. I was getting poked four times a day for labs plus the IV that was already in my arm, that’s upwards of 30 pokes in one week. Day, night, I would literally wake up to someone leaning over me, trying to stab me with a needle to get labs. They started running out of good veins pretty quick and had to get crafty, placing lines on the tops of my hands, on my bicep, on my forearm. I still have bruisey looking scars from those IVs. Top of the hand was my least favorite, I swear it scarred me for life the first time the nurse put one there. Now it’s the only place I’ll let them put one, haha. Thank god for numbing cream!

After my scarring IV experiences, I was actually quite relieved to have the port. It brings the term “one and done” to a whole new meaning. At first, I could feel the port in my neck which I didn’t like. I often tip my head to the right as a quirky way of calming anxiety, the port disrupted this coping mechanism at a very crucial time. It was also annoying for sleeping because I felt like I couldn’t lay in certain positions. Over time, I began to feel it less and less. Now I can sleep however and tilt my head however, without feeling it at all.

At my hospital, everyone is prescribed numbing cream for their port, to numb the area before they poke you. At first I used the numbing cream, but after leaving it in the wrong car so many times I finally bailed on the whole affair. Being that I am treated at a children’s hospital, it is very uncommon for a patient to not use the numbing cream. I’d say it’s also less common for the patients to be as to have adult conversations with their nurses. If I had a Nicole for every time a nurse asked me how it felt to have the port put in I would have.. Like 50 cents. My response was always the same, “well, it feels like your stabbing me in the chest with a needle.”

All in all, I’ve really grown to love my port. I’ll do another post about it when I’m actually going to get it out next week.

All right. Well at least that’s something, and it’s more than I thought it would be! I’m going to bed y’all.

xoxo Kathy

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