Meet Val

One morning after spending quite a few lonely days at home staring blankly at the television, bonding with the refrigerator (thank you steroids), and feeling completely useless I decided to get a dog. What kind of dog? Who cares. Where are you going to get the dog? Who knows. When are you going to get it? As soon as possible, aka today. When I decide to do something, I’m going to get it done and it will be done perfectly and as quickly as possible, leukemia or not. Especially when I’ve been sitting around for a month doing nothing. So here I am at 5 am searching “puppy” on Ebay Classifieds. Flash forward to 5pm that evening, there is me and my new little puppy shopping at Petco for new puppy things like sparkly collars and pink mini kongs.

My puppy was nameless for about a week. During this time I began jokingly calling her Valhalla, shortened from the name Princess Valhalla Hawkwind, taken from the Showtime show The United States of Tara. I knew this was a bad idea, and that inevitably this would end up being her name, but I was in denial. And this is how I became the proud momma of a Cavachon puppy named Princess Valhalla Hawkwind or Val, for short. She is my affectionate, lazy, friendly, adorable, floppy, dopey, annoying, unbalanced, happy, sleepy, mellow, perfect, crybaby and support dog. And she loves her Momma.

xoxo Katherine